Dessert - Food Allergy Cartoon

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This week my friend Stephanie Gatewood published a resource for parents of kids with peanut allergies - "When Peanuts are Poison: The Quick-Start Guide to Managing Your Child's Peanut Allergy"

She's a compassionate, thoughtful, smart mom who has helped many parents navigate that difficult phase following the discovery of allergies. I'm delighted to see her words in print, and she even included a few of my cartoons. Check it out on Amazon - here.

Food Allergy Cartoon - Breaking Tradition

This is for Lisa, a mom fighting for a safe Thanksgiving dinner in her own home.

This is for moms who have to explain to extended family why (for the tenth time) a life threatening allergen is not welcome at her family gathering. 

This is for moms who try to make the holidays safe AND happy for their children. 

We must. 

  - Tiffany