Food Allergy Cartoon - Breaking Tradition

This is for Lisa, a mom fighting for a safe Thanksgiving dinner in her own home.

This is for moms who have to explain to extended family why (for the tenth time) a life threatening allergen is not welcome at her family gathering. 

This is for moms who try to make the holidays safe AND happy for their children. 

We must. 

  - Tiffany


Thanks to infinite inspiration provided by the Food Allergy Blogger Conference sessions, I'm working on a new and improved website. You asked for more cartoons, fun activities, survival tips and a lot more - and it's almost here.

In the meantime, here's a quick fun project - Make two rubber band bracelets to get kids excited about their medical alert bracelets:

We used an online tutorial video for Cheveron Bracelets, but stuck four thumb tacks into a block of wood instead of buying a loom, like this:

I made two bracelets, then attached the ends to the Medical Alert tag. How cool, right?

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